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v1.1 - 2022

Disclaimer :

The information in this Whitepaper may change or be updated at any time and is not permanent. All information will be announced periodically by the Sanctum team.


The mission of the Sanctum team is to make everything available on XRP. This means a very tough thing to do, but in the spirit of community, we will do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Pioneering other blockchains by competing for speed, broad scalability, and efficiency. In the era of web3, industry 4.0 and society 5.0, almost all fields use cloud technology and are starting to use blockchain technology which is proven to be environmentally friendly, fast, unlimited and decentralized. This is an opportunity for novice developers like us to learn and innovate in this blockchain including what the team is doing now at XRP. The mission to make everything available is not easy, this is proven by the many failures of previous people and the team has thought about it so that it doesn't happen. This is a mission that is carried out by combining all projects that will be carried out in stages and requires a long process, but this mission will be completed with all of our team's ideas that have been designed for the purposes of the XRP blockchain.

Sanctum Team's mission in the future will lead to decentralized financial services, digital banking, decentralized entertainment, and decentralized social media. It's a big mission and requires a great team structure, so before that, the team is preparing for it to compete with other projects on other blockchains. XRP will grow and expand with many flagship projects and the team strives to become those flagship projects. Of course, with the XRP community that is already strong today, we will rise up with a complete ecosystem on the XRP network that is unbeatable. This is the function of the Sanctum, in order to make the community grow with all the services provided by our team. We are confident because xrp has a blockchain with transactions that are very fast, efficient, very cheap and environmentally friendly, this is certainly much different from its competitors who are not environmentally friendly and cost a lot to transact. Therefore XRP really helps developers to develop their projects here and that includes the Sanctum team that was built here so that the mission is achieved perfectly and in accordance with the initial design of the project to be carried out. In the next few years, the Sanctum team will make everything available to the community and this is our main mission.

Apart from making everything available on XRP, we are also contributing to the development of other projects on this blockchain. instead of helping, this is actually an opportunity for win-win solutions, contributing to each other and that's what the team will do in the near future. As a collaboration that will allow XRP to grow even faster, the Sanctum Team will do everything we can to make this mission a success together with other projects. With hard work and perseverance, our mission will be accomplished a little easier. With the existence of the same project on the blockchain, it does not increase competitiveness, but also understands and works together so that each mission can be achieved. XRP market is huge so we didn't waste this great potential, we came with a project with a conceptualized idea and that idea became a mission that we have to complete now with the sanctum team.


Sanctum team's vision is to be a sustainable, largest, and used ecosystem for everyone. This is a picture of our future where the world has shifted to the use of blockchain technology. The sanctum team will continue to optimize all projects that will be or have been made to be more trusted by the community. Like projects that we will be doing in the near future such as SanctumStake, this is our token staking program where the community can stake their Sanctum tokens to earn passive income every day, and our vision in the future is to make a staking program not only based on the Sanctum market itself, but also contributing with other projects in order to enlarge the market cap and daily transactions. And Sanctum tokens are the only currency used in the Sanctum ecosystem, in the future, Sanctum tokens will be very valuable because they are based on all projects in the ecosystem. With all the ideas that have been created and the innovations to be discovered, we are confident to carry out this vision which keeps the whole project moving forward in a sustainable manner. With the support of the XRP blockchain and a large community, the Sanctum team can use all the facilities that will make project work easier and also the moral support from the community which helps the Sanctum team to achieve this vision.

Our vision is also to be a part of bringing XRP to the world, introducing its payment system that has been used by hundreds of banks, participating in the campaign for security, speed, low cost and decentralization. It is the obligation of the Sanctum team to help XRP to compete with other blockchains. Therefore, the Sanctum team's financial services project will expand across blockchains, to campaign and invite people to get more benefits using the XRP blockchain. SanctumSwap, this is a future project that we will do once all the other projects are going well. SanctumSwap will be a pioneer over XRP Ledger as the system to be deployed across the entire blockchain network. more information regarding this will be explained on the upcoming project page. We will continue to strive to maximize ongoing projects and also continue to issue new ideas or innovations for future projects.

And the conclusion to our vision and mission is to make everything available on XRP with the largest, sustainable, and accessible ecosystem for everyone. This is important in order to provide convenience for all communities especially in the experience of financial services, digital arts, passive income, currency exchange, and charities. We strive to continue to produce other projects to complement each other's needs so that our vision and mission can be achieved. For that, it takes a lot of time and moral support from the community so that the team can work harder for the success of this project. We chose the XRP blockchain because in several ways, one of which is low transaction fees, this greatly affects market sentiment where many other blockchains are very expensive for only one transaction. by using XRP, we can transact cheaper and faster to meet the needs of the community. and in the future, SanctumChain will be at the forefront under the XRP blockchain.


What is Sanctum?

Sanctum is a utility token in the Sanctumchain ecosystem. Sanctum is used across Sanctumchain projects such as SanctumStake, SanctumNFT's, SanctumGame, SanctumMerch, Sanctum Charity and in future projects such as SanctumSwap, SanctumKit, and many others. Sanctum will be the only currency used for transactions between projects such as staking tokens, buying and selling NFT's, ordering souvenirs, and play-to-earn games.

Sanctum is a community token, which at the beginning of our development, sanctum will be given free to all XRP community. This serves as the start of market defense and the massive deployment of tokens. Once all projects are up and running, Sanctum will become invaluable for its usefulness in various projects of its own ecosystem.

With many new ecosystem tokens, Sanctum is competing and will be a pioneer in the XRP blockchain, starting from reliable products and well-integrated systems. Sanctum comes with simplicity and small resources, but we believe, in the future we will grow rapidly and become a professional ecosystem platform.

Apart from being the perfect utility token, our Sanctum is designed to be a place where the community of people on XRP can grow together. We are not someone who is backed up by a big company or personal interest, we are a small group of people who have many ideas and dreams to achieve with the community.


What is Staking?

Staking is locking crypto assets into the blockchain network to get passive income without having to buy and sell or trade. Staking is similar to keeping money in a bank to earn interest. When you deposit money in a bank, usually the funds are lent to someone else and you get a share of the interest charged to the borrower.

SanctumStake is a staking platform where users or owners of Sanctum tokens can stake their tokens every day without doing anything. The system automatically gives token interest to Sanctum token holders every day. for the amount of interest and the project period will be detailed in the mapping below :

The amount of staking interest earned is 1% per day.

For Example :


If you hold 1000 Sanctum tokens, then the interest you will get every day is 10 Sanctum.

(Token Amount x 1%)

*Staking will start once the free Airdrop is distributed.

*Staking period will continue until the supply limit has been reached (40% of the total supply).

Is this risky?

The staking program is indeed risky, but we have created an integrated system so that each other's projects maintain the stability of the Sanctum token value. Tokens that are distributed daily are useful for increasing supply circulation without reducing value. This is evident on several large coins using the same system. Also, we work hard and are responsible for keeping the value of the Sanctum token stable and increasing slowly. Options that can be used such as buyback, burn system, and this will only be done when the value of the sanctum token drops drastically.


In the era of digitalization, all parts of life are transformed, including digital art. One of the most popular digital arts is NFT. Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital asset that represents a valuable item with a value that cannot be replaced or exchanged. Each NFT has transaction log data in the blockchain. This data contains the creator, price, and ownership history. NFT can be traded in any currency, including what we will do is create NFT and trade with Sanctum token currency.

- SanctumNFT's will be minted 1.000 NFTs (Max Supply)

- 1.000 NFT Hand-made Collection

NFT Allocation :

Sale for Development : 700 NFTs

Giveaways : 100 NFTs

Charity : 100 NFTs

Top 100 Richlist Sanctum : 100 NFTs

*The payment system uses XRP and Sanctum tokens. Tokens from the sale will be burned to reduce supply and increase the value of Sanctum tokens.

SanctumNFTs are made one by one by the skilled hands of our designers, this will make our NFT collections compete with other project NFT collections. Our NFT will be minted on various existing NFT marketplace platforms such as sologenic, xbay and others. The NFT project will run when the Sanctum token staking has started.

Apart from being a hobby of collecting art, NFT can also be used as a real investment in the future and it can be seen that the NFT Marketplace is currently developing on various blockchains. This is proof that investing in NFT is popular with many people because it is easy to find the type of digital art they like and can also sell or buy NFT quickly.


This year, many projects on various blockchains are related to their game development. This is interesting because in addition to the game's function to relieve stress, players also get their utility tokens and can be sold for profit, this is a Play-to-Earn game. The sanctum team will also take part in the development of its own game, especially Play-to-Earn based games.

Game development takes a little longer as it requires resources to be created from scratch one by one. The Sanctum team has now prepared the Play-to-Earn game mechanics and is ready to start the development phase immediately.


Sanctuary, is a token created for the stimulus program of all XRP Ledger projects. This is proof that we support other projects to encourage investors to hold their tokens and get Sanctuary as a reward. The system that will be used is the voting system on Twitter, because this is easy for all communities to do.

Sanctuary distribution mechanism :

There will be 4 projects on the vote list for 7 days. Voting winning projects will get a 1% Airdrop for their investors of the total they hold. The bigger the tokens they hold, the bigger the Sanctuary tokens they get. The total supply of each project will be converted to the equivalent of Sanctuary because each project has a different supply and will generate $STR : $XXX = XXX%

Example :

Sologenic wins the vote and gets Sanctuary for their holders. Then the tokens obtained are 10,000,000 (STR Supply) : 399,333,664 (SOLO Supply) = 25

If someone holds a SOLO of 10,000 , then he will get a STR of 1% (100 SOLO) x 25 = 2500 $STR


SanctumMerch is one of our real selling projects to the community directly. Items to be sold include t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, jeans, belts, socks, hats and many others. We will consult the design of each product in the discord group and the community can contribute to product design. It's a small touch and in fact this program makes the community bigger and stronger. SanctumMerch sales shipments cover all countries in the world so the community doesn't have shipping problems.

*The payment system uses XRP and Sanctum tokens. Tokens from the sale will be burned to reduce supply and increase the value of Sanctum tokens.

SanctumMerch also provides a place for everyone in the community to be able to sell their real merchandise, this is a real step that we can grow together according to our vision and mission. Discord will be an important place for us to discuss, get acquainted, and design new things.

The Sanctum team will carry out several validations before launching user products, such as dangerous goods products, sharp weapons, illegal drugs, explosive liquids. And in the future, SanctumMerch will stand above a professional company with its own brand and also with the brand of community members.

If you have decided to start your own fashion business or online clothing store it is a very good choice. This is because the online clothing business is becoming a multi billion dollar industry today and it is one of the most popular forms of E-Commerce. With sales expected to reach $713 billion by 2022 and a growing middle class around the world, this type of business could be one you can build to be successful. However, starting a successful online fashion business is more than just buying a domain and advertising. A successful store depends on the niche or niche you choose, the branding you create, the quality of not only your apparel products but also your website, the customer service you provide, and the fulfillment strategy.



People out there need love.

If you have decided to start your own fashion business or online clothing store it is a very good choice. This is because the online clothing business is becoming a multi billion dollar industry today and it is one of the most popular forms of E-Commerce. With sales expected to reach $713 billion by 2022 and a growing middle class around the world, this type of business could be one you can build to be successful. However, starting a successful online fashion business is more than just buying a domain and advertising. A successful store depends on the niche or niche you choose, the branding you create, the quality of not only your apparel products but also your website, the customer service you provide, and the fulfillment strategy.

Sanctum Charity also has Charity Funds raised from NFT's Sales, SanctumGame In-App Purchases, and development token sales. Also the community that will participate in contributing to donate. All funds collected will be distributed regularly once a month. We also accept submissions of proposals for assistance if there are parties who need it, of course before that, there will be some validation so that there is no fraud or violation. The purpose of this project is to increase awareness of sharing with people in need of primary needs, create a sense of gratitude and participate in empathy. As we know, based on data that the poorest countries in the world are mostly located in African countries. Of course, this will be our target in the future, the effort that will be made is to work with companies managing world charities, to participate in eradicating poverty in the world. This is our vision, with passion and hard work, this goal will be achieved in the future.


The scale of crisis in the world has increased exponentially in recent years. There are more children living in conflict and war zones now than at any time in the past 20 years, as well as more child refugees. Natural disasters are not only more frequent, but more severe. As always, children in crisis are among the most vulnerable.

In particular, the more than 12 million refugee boys and girls now face a triple jeopardy. Not only have they lost their homes and lost their education, they now face the additional impact of COVID-19 on their futures.

Based on the above incident, this has made us even more enthusiastic in raising funds for the community and all of our projects. All for a better world.


On the previous page there are 5 projects that will be carried out in the near future. Also, we have other projects to build once everything is up and running, one of which is SanctumKit.

SanctumKit is an informative project which contains all the information about XRP such as the latest news, hot events, current prices, market data statistics, blogs, connect wallet and many others. SanctumKit will become a large central information platform to make it easier for the community to find information in one place. Also the next upcoming project is SanctumSwap. it is a currency exchange platform between xrpl tokens, where the XRP community can exchange between tokens for almost free fees.

The whole plan above is purely the idea and innovation of our team. All plans will be gradual and will take a long time to fully implement. We hope that the community can provide full support for the success of all these projects.

The important points that have been discussed previously can change at any time with the update of the whitepaper version. Please keep checking the whitepaper version for points changes that may impact your investment if possible. Further information regarding the upcoming Ecosystem will be explained in detail closer to the launch schedule.


- Idea Creation

- Designing token system

- Launch SanctumChain

- Release SocialMedia

- Building Website

- Release Truslines


Total supply of Sanctum tokens is 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion $Sanctum).

- Distribution Allocation

- Marketing Allocation

- Development Allocation

800.000.000 (800 Million)

150.000.000 (150 Million)

50.000.000 (50 Million)

Airdrops will be distributed in stages and at different times, the first Airdrop will start on September 25, 2022. There are no special qualifications for this Airdrop, users are only required to verify wallet address with Global ID. Airdrop for Holders I will be distributed on October 2, 2022. The condition to get Airdrop for Holders I is to hold $Sanctum tokens. The number of Airdrops will depend on the number of tokens you hold, in a 1:1 ratio. Airdrop for Holders II will be distributed on November 6, 2022. And Airdrop for Holders III will be distributed on January 8, 2023.

Total supply of Sanctuary tokens is 10,000,000,000 (10 Billion $STR).

- Distribution Allocation

- Marketing Allocation

- Development Allocation

9,000,000,000 (9 Billion)

500,000,000 (500 Million)

500.000.000 (500 Million)

Airdrop Sanctuary will be distributed by filling in the address on the discord channel. The airdrop will be distributed on December 25, 2022. After all the addresses have been collected, all will be verified from the airdrop farmers and blacklisted addresses.

This allocation is for a free Airdrop to the community. The airdrop will be divided into several parts and at different times. Also for the token staking program which will be distibuted every day.







All our project wallet address are open for public audit.

Sanctum Issuer Wallet

Sanctum Marketing Wallet



Sanctum Distribution Wallet

Sanctum Development Wallet



Sanctuary Issuer Wallet

Sanctuary Marketing Wallet



Sanctuary Distribution Wallet

Sanctuary Development Wallet




The Sanctum team is not a financial consultant or financial advisor, please consult first to avoid big risks. The Sanctum team is obligated to notify all current and future investors of the $Sanctum token about the risks that could occur to investors when issuing money for tokens on the blockchain. Purchasing $Sanctum or any other form of tradable asset represents the understanding that while it is possible to see unprecedented gains in this ecosystem, there is a huge risk that it could result in losses that cannot be prevented. Here are these risks:


Policy risk: Political volatility and constantly changing regulations can lead to significant price volatility.


Transaction risk: The behavior of traders in the secondary market will always have an effect on the prices of tradable assets. The volatility associated with the secondary market for currencies utilizing blockchain technology can drastically affect the value of tradable assets.


Technical risk: Blockchain technology is a rapidly growing field of technology. With XRPL in a state of rapid development and growth, this dynamic environment can lead to many unforeseen technology issues, challenges, and disruptive trends. All of them can affect the value of tradable assets such as $Sanctum and other future SanctumChain projects.


Operational risk: All operations carry risks inherent in many factors, although the team at Sanctum are driven and highly capable of achieving their goals, issues in operations need to be considered when evaluating risk. Operational risk can affect project success and/or the value of tradable operating assets.


We are excited to start the first of many planned projects and build our community, however, we expect our community and $Sanctum holders to understand and acknowledge the risks associated with blockchain technology. We expect buyers to do their own in-depth research and analysis before committing to our project.


*Please note that all information in this document is subject to change and/or modification if necessary*

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